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We’re Talking About: Glenn Beck for President; Paglia vs. Gaga and Reality TV Addiction

-Conservative Alaskan audience roots for a 2012 Palin-Beck dream ticket . [ New York Times ]

- Maureen Dowd sympathizes with disillusioned Obamicans (Republicans who backed Obama). [ New York Times ]

-Another “don’t ask, don’t tell” case heads to court : flight nurse, Maj. Margaret Witt , sues after being discharged under the controversial policy. [ New York Times ]

-What makes a feminist? An excerpt from Rebecca Traister’ s new book on Sarah Palin and feminism on the right, Big Girls Don’t Cry . [ Salon ]

-I hate that show; let’s watch it. Reality TV still does well in the ratings despite everyone’s better judgment. [ New York Times ]