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We’re Talking About: Director Sonia Nassery Cole, Gay Rights, and the Paycheck Fairness Bill

– Although legal efforts to reverse Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell have stagnated in the Senate, several important cases concerning gay rights are advancing in federal courts. [ New York Times ]

President Obama is highly likely to pick a female CEO or business executive to replace Larry Summers’ position on the National Economic Council. [ Politico ]

Christina Hoff Sommers argues in an op-ed that women don’t actually need the “paycheck fairness” bill-it ignores research “showing that discrimination plays little role in pay disparities between men and women.” [ New York Times ]

– Director Sonia Nassery Cole is determined to make her movie , set in Afghanistan, despite impediments that include the dismemberment of the leading actress’ feet and constant threats from the Taliban, of whom the film is harshly critical. [ New York Times ]

– The Daily Beast lists some of the biggest revelations from Bob Woodward’s new book, Obama’s Wars . [ The Daily Beast ]

– Feelings of disenchantment, especially about the economy, may be altering political loyalties in many suburbs. [ The Washington Post ]