The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: Contraception, Grizzlies and Future Generations

-The future of contraceptive technologies and what they will mean for the world’s poorest countries. [ New York Times ]

-The female electorate seizes the reins: Can women save the Democrats , and what is a “Mama Grizzly” anyway? [ Washington Post , Newsweek ]

-Will your granddaughter be ashamed of you? Prisons, eldercare, and factory farming: What are the moral crises of our generation ? [ Washington Post ]

-All violent on the home front: the frightening phenomenon of domestic abuse by combat veterans . [ Daily Beast ]

-Sick of “strong-headed and opinionated” American women, never mind American mortgages, thousands of men are settling in Thailand . [ New York Times ]

-Financial success versus relationship security: A study finds that economically dependent men are more likely to cheat on their female partners. [ New York Times ]

-Eyes up, Elmo: Katy Perry responds to the Sesame Street cleavage scandal on SNL . [ PopWatch ]

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.