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We’re Talking About: Manliness, False Memories, and Divorce Insurance

- Annals of masculinity: why rethinking manliness is one way to avoid ” The End of Men .” [ Newsweek ]

- Are therapists capable of inception? Meredith Maran , who falsely accused her father of molestation, discusses her new book My Lie: A True Story of False Memory . [ Salon ]

- Sarah Palin vs. Mike Huckabee : Is there more to their rivalry than meets the eye? [ Politico ]

- “I have fears of becoming a bag lady.” The New York Times investigates what the recession means for unemployed over 50-year-olds and the fears and consequences of never working again. [ New York Times ]

- New ways to spend on your marriage: Vow renewals are the rage for some while others investigate divorce insurance . [ New York Times , Time ]

Photograph of wedding rings from Wikimedia Commons .