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We’re Talking About: Lisa Murkowski, Business Women and the Nutrition Bill

- For many, it might seem crushing to go from sitting senator to plaintive write-in , but Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski is using it to her full advantage, painting herself as a renegade underdog. [ New York Times ]

- Despite heavy lobbying by Michelle Obama , more than 100 House Democrats have balked at approving the Senate’s $4.5 billion version of the nutrition bill. [ Politico ]

- Americans are by all measures a deeply religious people, but they also seem to be deeply ignorant about their religion. [ New York Times ]

- According to an upcoming report from the Government Accountability Office, women in the U.S. have made little progress in climbing into management positions. [ New York Times ]

- While a man racks up $2,646 annually in extra expenses if he is obese, a woman’s obesity costs her $4,879. [ New York Times ]

- CBS is developing two new comedies, including a project called Shh … Don’t Tell Steve that is based on a Twitter feed, which will be produced by social-media master Ashton Kutcher . [ Hollywood Reporter ]

Photograph of Lisa Murkowski by Mark Wilson for Getty Images.