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We’re Talking About: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Girl Scouts, and the Kraft Factory Shooting

-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been ruled unconstitutional by judge Virginia A. Phillips in California. [ New York Times ]

- Michelle Obama says she’s on the “next phase” of her childhood-obesity fighting program. She’s asking Congress to get involved . [ New York Times ]

-Two are dead and another is critically injured in a shooting at the Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia. The shooter was allegedly a 43-year-old woman who worked at the plant. [ MSNBC ]

-Republican candidate for Washington state representative Hanz Zeiger says the Girl Scouts have a secret “pro-abortion” feminist agenda and if they “can’t get back to teaching real character, we can get our cookies elsewhere”. [ Jezebel ]

-A woman in Las Vegas is accusing the singer from Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil , of grabbing her in a hotel. The singer denies the accusation. [ New York Times ]