The XX Factor

Oprah starts the season with a trip giveaway.

The first show of the very last season of the iconic Oprah Winfrey Show premiered yesterday, and, living up to its reputation, it made couch-jumping Tom Cruises out of all of us. By now, you should know there is no Santa Claus; there is only Oprah, the goddess of daytime giveaways. In 2004, when she embarked on her 19 th season, Winfrey doled out brand- new Pontiac G-6’s to each guest at the premiere show’s taping , famously yelling, “Everbody gets a car! Everybody gets a car! You get a CAR! YOU get a car!” Then, of course, there was the teacher appreciation episode in which 300 educators received $15,000 worth of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” (“You get a Sony notebook! YOU get a Sony notebook!”)

This year, for the big premiere, audience members won a trip to Australia . But first Oprah had to tease the barely contained ladies in her studio, taking six whole minutes to make her winky way to the big reveal. Here’s the clip from Jezebel . By the end, everyone is basically hyperventilating or crying like an evangelist’s church audience possessed by the spirit of Jesus. Really, the season can only go up from here.