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KFC To Put the Double Down Sandwich on Buns

The KFC Double Down , as you probably know, is an artery-burdening combination of bacon and Monterey Jack cheese sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken. When the sandwich debuted in April, KFC smartly capitalized on the Double Down’s status as a horrific symbol of cultural excess, picking up a ton of news coverage , as well as quasi-ironic blogger taste tests . But the initial hype has worn out, and KFC same-store sales fell 7 percent in the second quarter. The comeback plan? Market the company’s infamous bunless sandwich on the rented buns of willing college ladies . Which doesn’t make much sense since the monstrosity is sans bun, but, hey, whatever! As Sir Mix-A-Lot would say if he were asked to comment, “unh, double-down, unh, unh.”

According to USA Today , KFC is paying cute college girls $500 to pass out coupons for the failing chicken chain while wearing fitted sweatpants with the words “Double Down” emblazoned on the butt, in the hopes of reaching young men, the biggest consumers of the Double Down. So good news, I suppose, for college ladies who would like to use their bums as human billboards. And bad news for the general upward trajectory of the human race.