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Former Jane Editor To Take the Reins at Lucky

Back in March, the New York Times ran a gracious profile of Brandon Holley , former editor-in-chief of the dearly departed woman’s magazine Jane, detailing her transition from the high-paced, glitzy world of print to the wear-slippers-all-day world of her new online job at Yahoo’s Shine. No longer being wined and dined by obsequious Hollywood agents, she tells the Times : “It’s almost like I’m in hiding. Nobody calls me anymore.”

The phone’s about to be ringing again. This morning Holley was named editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine , replacing Kim France. I can’t say I expect Lucky to instantly start running scintillating features like Jane did over the years, everything from the gallery of reader breasts to the American Apparel expose that earned mention during Dov Charney’s sexual harrassment trial. Lucky, to some extent, has already set its limitations in that sphere, with the tagline “the magazine about shopping.” But, as far as I know, Conde Nast has never appointed anyone coming directly from the web to editor-in-chief, which is commendable in and of itself. Print stole one away from the Internet. It’s about time.