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Brunch, Interior Scroll, Sexting: A Recap of DoubleX’s Comedy Night “The Smoking Bra”

Last Wednesday, comedians Morgan Murphy, Allison Silverman, Megan Kellie and Jenny Hagel, along with the band Peacock’s Penny Arcade, all performed as part of DoubleX’ s comedy night “The Smoking Bra” at 92YTribeca . If you weren’t there, I feel sorry for you, because it was awesome. But! Lucky for you, gentle reader, here are a few videos that hopefully capture the evening’s spirit. The first one involves a protracted joke about pulling things out of your vagina. It goes without saying that none of these videos is safe for work.

First up we have Allison Silverman, former executive producer of the Colbert Report . She riffed on Carolee Schneemann’s performance art piece ” Interior Scroll ” (link NSFW as well). Allison’s act included the sentence: “If they wanted their vaginal exams performed by a brainless Muppet, they would choose Ernie.”

Next we have Morgan Murphy , an amazing stand-up who writes for Jimmy Fallon, talking about sexting. Let’s call this clip “My area is so ready.”

Finally, here is footage from the panel at the end of the event. Allison and Morgan talked about what it was like to be the only women on all-male writing staffs. Jenny Hagel explained how she got the idea for her feminist rapper series ; and everyone talked about what it was like to be the funny girl as a teenager. Morgan specifically mentions that Chelsea Handler is a great supporter of other women comedians, and she summed up the camaraderie of the night when she said, “When I see other smart funny women, I just think: Let’s have brunch.” Who doesn’t like brunch?