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Beat the Men at Predicting Election Results

Emily, though Republican Linda McMahon is gaining in Connecticut , Slate readers who are playing our political forecasting game Lean/Lock are pretty heavily predicting that the Senate race in the nutmeg state will go blue-and that Richard Blumenthal will win. Click here for a detailed explanation about how Lean/Lock is played , but the basic gist is that for every major race that will be decided this November, Lean/Lock gives you the opportunity to guess who will be the winner. If you’re positive that, say, Barbara Boxer will whoop Carly Fiorina in the California Senate race, then you “lock” Boxer; but if you think Boxer might win, but you’re not entirely certain, you just “lean” Boxer. Points are tallied based on what the current polls are saying about each race.

I definitely believe our readers’ prediction on the Connecticut senate race, but I would love to see a few more ladies on the leaderboard-the top 10 scorers are all men right now ! Go get ‘em.