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We’re Talking About: Progressive Palins, Geriatric Hair, and Vicarious Divorce

-On the second anniversary of Sarah Palin ’s vice presidential nomination, progressive women demand a charismatic female leader of their own. [ New York Times ]

-Style columnist Robin Givhan applauds Hillary Clinton for flouting old-lady fashion conventions with her radical new shoulder-length hairdo. [ Washington Post ]

- Tiger Woods ’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren considers using a portion of her settlement to open a mental-health clinic for underprivileged famlies in Florida. Meanwhile, fellow recent divorcée Sandra Bullock helps rebuild a New Orleans health clinic destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  [ New York Post , Just Jared ]

-While television personality Glenn Beck marched on Washington for some reason, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann hosted her own rally Saturday near the Washington Monument. The overwhelmingly white event featured an improbably diverse dais and disbanded to the tune of Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady.” [ Washington Post ]

-Is instilling pop cultural snobbery in your children a smart parenting move? [ Salon ]

-Celebrity breakups and films like Eat Pray Love let dissatisfied couples experience the thrill of vicarious divorce. [ New York Times ]