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We’re Talking About: Gassing Schoolgirls, Palin’s Power, and Tennis

-Despite skepticism about the so-called Palin Effect, Joe Miller ’s impressive primary showing reveals that the former governor still holds sway over voters in her native Alaska. [ Washington Post ]

-“If you had to choose between saving a girl’s life or enabling her to go to school, which would you do first?” The Taliban’s latest gas attack on schoolgirls highlights the disturbing reality of life in Afghanistan and the compromises President Obama may be forced to make. [ Salon ]

-How Venus and Serena Williams brought power to women’s tennis and transformed the sport. [ New York Times Magazine ]

-Excuse me Tea Party, your GOP is showing. Even as they derail government intrusion, Tea Party voters offer tacit support for socially conservative measures like abortion restrictions. [ The Daily Beast ]

-On the 90 th anniversary of women’s suffrage, more American women are entering politics , but we still lag far behind Europe. [ MSNBC ]