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We’re Talking About: Longevity, Pelosi, and Natural Childbirth

-New reports indicate that New York City men face a life expectancy gap of six years. [ New York Times ]

-A leading women’s rights group in Britain challenges the government’s new budget cuts based on their disproportionate effect on women. [ Washington Post ]

-A new study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that one-third of first-time mothers undergo Caesareans and that labor-inducing drugs make the procedure twice as likely to occur. [ New York Times ]

-As swing voters turn against President Obama ’s agenda, embattled Democrats distance themselves from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi . [ Politico ]

-Should we bother helping our relatives? Scientists weigh in. [ New York Times ]

-In the wake of controversy surrounding workplace bullying and an editor’s suicide, the Virginia Quarterly Review has closed down its offices. [ The Observer ]