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We’re Talking About: Gender and the Brain, Lisa Murkowski, and Jan Brewer

- Dr. Cordelia Fine critiques studies about gender differences in the brain with “humor and linguistic playfulness” in her new book Delusions of Gender . [ New York Times ]

-Incumbent Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski battles Sarah Palin and Tea Party Express-endorsed Joe Miller in the GOP primary. Miller is expected to get trounced , and Alaskans are falling out of love with Sarah Palin. [ Politico , Slate ]

- Elin Nordegren ‘s divorce from Tiger Woods is now official. The Daily Beast describes her handling of the breakup as “dignified.” [ Daily Beast ]

-Though Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer rose to the office because Janet Napolitano left for the Obama administration, Brewer is becoming a powerful force in state and national politics-largely due to her controversial stance on immigration. She is pretty much guaranteed a win in today’s Republican primary. [ Time ]

- Samantha Cameron , the wife of British PM David Cameron , has given birth to a baby girl . [ New York Times ]