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We’re Talking About: Bieber Girls, Annie Oakley, and Cathy’s Last “Ack”

-What’s a “Belieber”? The creepy micro-gossip of Justin Bieber ‘s fan base involves Twitter stalking and gang-like factions . [ Gawker ]

-A new study shows that more than half of women would rather give up sex than put on weight . [ Salon ]

-Is Elizabeth Warren a Washington outsider or just a zealot ? [ The Washington Post ]

-Army wives play an increasing role in military life . [ The New York Times ]

-Sharpshooter Annie Oakley was actually a brilliant self-marketer . [ Smithsonian Magazine ]

-The demise of “Cathy”: Fans of the soon-to-end comic strip speculate how the iconic character will utter her final “Ack .” [ Th e New Yorker ]

Photograph of Bieber fans by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images Entertainment.