The XX Factor

Mama Grizzly Ad Contest

Noreen, you were much too nice about the anti-Mama Grizzly ad . That ad is the worst-embarrassing, humorless, made for the kinds of moms who dress matchy-matchy with their kids for trick-or-treating. It reminds me of my least-favorite mom at the pre-school, who wears a fanny pack and always comes barreling at me, hands waving, about some minor toddler-related incident, and in my head I am thinking, No, lady bear, paws down, HELP . Do we really have to cede all the cool to Sarah Palin? I say, NO. So, DoubleX readers, for anyone who can come up with a better anti-Mama Grizzly ad, we offer you free tickets to our great upcoming comedy event, ” The Smoking Bra .”