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Hope for Gourmet Fans

Folio reported yesterday that Gourmet magazine, the much-beloved, 70-year-old Condé Nast food magazine that was shut down blitzkrieg-style in the fall of 2009 , is making a comeback. Of sorts. The mag’s tiptoeing back to life began this June when Condé Nast announced its intention to make a Gourmet Live recipe app for smart phones -a middling consolation prize for brokenhearted fans who loved the magazine for its admirable food writing as much as its recipes. But just yesterday the publisher decided to give lifelong readers one better: Three special print issues of the magazine will hit stands this year. According to Folio :

The first is called Gourmet Quick Kitchen, an illustrated cookbook that’d due to hit stands on September 7. At more than 120 pages, Gourmet Quick Kitchen will feature classic recipes from the magazine as well as new content like photographs, kitchen tips and eight full menus with wine pairings. A spokesperson declined to say what Gourmet Quick Kitchen’s exact distribution will be but says the model is “based on efficiency and a smaller print run.” The issue will carry a $10.99 cover price.

Back when Gourmet met its untimely demise, blogger eulogies all over the Web claimed devoted readers would “pay twice as much” for the magazine. Well, ready your wallets foodie army. Here’s your chance.