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Birther Control

It looks like Justice Samuel Alito just referred “birther” lawyer Orly Taitz’s sanctions appeal to the entire Supreme Court . She wanted the court to stay $20,000 in sanctions imposed by a federal judge in Georgia for her lawsuits questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency. When Justice Clarence Thomas denied her request, she filed another application with Justice Alito. (But not before posting a motion requesting that she be allowed to come in with her own forensic expert to confirm that it was, in fact, Thomas’ signature on the denial of her application.) Then Taitz re-filed the application with Alito, who referred it to the entire court Tuesday, asking “Does anybody else want to do something with this?’”

You may recall that Justice Clarence Thomas similarly revived a lunatic birther lawsuit from New Jersey in 2008 after David Souter kicked it to the curb. That was a challenge to Obama’s eligibility for the presidency that the court tossed . Evidently Taitz was too much for even Thomas to indulge. One tries to imagine that there is something animating this, over and above Alito’s long-standing grudge about Obama’s confirmation vote and Thomas’ anger at Obama for saying he wouldn’t have nominated Thomas to the Supreme Court. But this is Orly Taitz, and of all the crazy people who file crazy documents at the court every day, she may well be the very craziest.