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Woman Has Lots of Sex To Be Like Samantha, Ends Up Like Bridget Jones

So here’s something dumb : Ten years ago, Christina Saunders, a 30-year-old Englander, decided to sack 1,000 men in order to get the confidence of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones. You know, Samantha Jones, the fictional character, whose personality is entirely scripted. As we all know, the best way to gain personal confidence is to aspire to be exactly like famous people on TV and do as they do. (I suppose I should be grateful Saunders didn’t admire the vaginal fortitude of Kate Gosselin. Things could have gotten populous: “I wanted to be like Kate … so I birthed 1,000 babies!” )

According to the article, Saunders “ended up bedding 1,000 men” after watching a marathon of Sex and the City “during a bout of flu” at university. Important distinction here : Saunders didn’t actively sleep with 1,000 men. (Women don’t prey on innocent men! Unless they’re old “cougars!”) Nope, young, pretty Christina just “ended up” bedding 1,000 guys on her way to a larger goal, which was having sex with 1,000 men. (I’m confused too!) But the most important lesson to take away from Saunder’s gag-reflexing story, after you’ve leered at all of her pictures, of course, is that now, a decade later, she just wants “a man to love me.” Awww. Just like the twist in Samantha’s plotline! Those sex-lovin’ women! They’re so predictable in the end! Now that Saunders has the confidence of Samantha, she just needs the story arc of Bridget Jones.

Photograph by Max Nash/AFP.