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Why Sarah Palin’s Ad Is Genius

Sarah Palin’s new ad is genius. If you’re a liberal, you will watch and complain that there are nothing but white faces in the crowd , or dismiss it, as Dahlia does , as so vague as to be pointless as a rallying cry-but if you’re a conservative, as I am, you instantly, totally get it. For many traditional conservatives, there is only one issue in this upcoming election, and it is spending. And there is only one goal: 2010. Get the spenders out of Congress.

I’m no Mama Grizzly, but I’m aware that I probably won’t have the privileges my parents had financially. I don’t see the economy is getting better, and as much as Obama tells me that I ” just don’t get it “-I’m starting to feel like he’s the one who just doesn’t get it.

In red America, middle America, Sarah Palin’s America, or whatever you want to call the world outside of Washington-all they’re talking about is how Obama and his Congress are spending the United States into oblivion and transforming American government through massive changes to health care, by raising taxes, and killing the economy in every way possible. Even Massachusetts tried to send the message by electing Republican Scott Brown, but Washington is playing deaf.

The additional point and power of Palin’s ad is she really has transformed the GOP from a party of male leadership to one in which women are legitimized and energized. It’s not part of a savvy backroom plan by the good old boys. As Hanna pointed out in her article about so-called Mama Grizzlies , women are taking charge, organizing, and getting involved in the Republican party in totally new ways. So that’s the genius of Sarah’s ad. We get it.

Photograph of Sarah Palin by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.