The XX Factor

Who’s Snooki?

That’s Barack Obama asking, not me, on The View appearance Jessica mentions. Gawker , as Jessica noted, then pointed out that Obama had made a Snooki reference at the White House Correspondent’s dinner earlier, so he must know who Snooki is. They speculate on the possible explanations, and the third is the obvious choice: Jon Favreau, or some other young speechwriter, put the earlier reference in and never bothered to tell Obama who it was. How do I know? Watch the video. Obama stumbles over J-WOWW too. He only relaxes when he gets to the last name in the punchline, Republican John Boehner.

How else do I know? Obama’s TV-watching tastes run strictly lad. He watches sports, Entourage , and the Wire . No way Jersey Shore is on that list.

OK, now for the real news…

Photograph of Snooki and J-WOWW by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.