The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: July 20, 2010

-Earlier this month, DoubleX writer Margaret Wheeler Johnson said that Constance McMillen ’s lawsuit against her small-town Mississippi high school was ” proof that the South is changing culturally as well as legally .” Now, the lesbian teen’s high school has agreed to pay a $35,000 settlement and implement a new policy that would ban discrimination or harassment of LGBT students. [ Miami Herald ]

-A Family Guy episode about abortion called “Partial Terms of Endearment” was banned from Fox broadcasting in the animated comedy’s past season. Now, Fox’s home video division has decided to release a DVD version of the episode . [ New York Times ]

-Why does Arizona governor Jan Brewer paint such a ghastly picture of her home state ? [ The Daily Beast ]

-Lindsay Lohan is due back in court to surrender for her prison sentence . [ Washington Post ]

- Sarah Palin gives the Mama Grizzly stamp of approval to New Hampshire’s former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte for Senate. [ Politico ]

Photograph of Constance McMillen at the GLAAD Media Awards by Angela Weiss/Getty Images.