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We’re Talking About: Elizabeth Warren, Singing Nuns, and Snooki

-Democrats encourage Obama to put Elizabeth Warren in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. [ Washington Post ]

-Openly homosexual rappers in New Orleans make up a subgenre widely known as “sissy bounce ,” a label that irritates performers who want recognition for their music rather than their sexual identities. [ New York Times ]

- Research shows that brain activity after a romantic break-up is similar to the withdrawal cravings of a cocaine addict. [ New York Daily News ]

-Nuns in a French convent have just struck a record deal with Universal. [ Washington Post ]

-Snooki’s hair may be artificially pouffed, but her dad says her larger-than-life personality is “not an act.” [ New York Times ]

Photograph of Elizabeth Warren by Alex Wong/Getty Images.