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The Latest on Gore’s Masseuse

It appears that the suspiciously stained pants of Al Gore’s Portland masseusse won’t be joining Monica Lewinsky’s dress in the Closet of Tell-All Clothing. The pants have been tested, the National Enquirer reports, and Gawker and Talking Points Memo relay , and there is no semen on them. Does that close the book on this strange 2006 scandal? No. The Portland police are still investigating the sexual assault allegations made by the masseuse, whose name is Molly Hagerty. And aspects of her story check out. According to the Portland Tribune , where a reporter worked on this story through 2008:

The Tribune obtained Hagerty’s phone records which confirmed her claims that she called a friend in Texas the night of the incident and that she called a sexual assault hotline within three days of the incident. She provided the paper with a document from the hotline which summarized the call: “She does not want to involve the police. She says that they won’t do anything because of who he is.”

But the relationship between Hagerty and the reporter deteriorated in a way that made the paper doubt her credibility. (She said she’d been screamed at.) And yet the police are taking her seriously. In the end, it’s their assessment of Hagerty’s veracity that counts. And of Gore’s, too.