The XX Factor

Palin’s Throaty Blockbuster Appeal

Abby , I’m really glad you weighed in. What I get about Sarah Palin is the throaty, infectious, hugely appealing timbre of her voice. If she were speaking in a foreign language, I would want to vote for her and go to her next birthday party. Especially if the only words I understood happened to be Mama Grizzlies and pink elephants-the phrases Dahlia pointed out . I see your point that Palin doesn’t need to spell out what she’s advocating for or railing against for the benefit of her core audience. But I think her appeal goes beyond that, in spots like these, because she expresses herself so warmly. She makes you forget the uglier more divisive stuff she says, and somehow she does it without seeming fake or cheesy. Love her or hate her, it’s a mistake, I think, not to take her very seriously.

Photograph of Sarah Palin by Robyn Beck/AFP.