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Michael Lohan Releases a Cloying Love Song Dedicated to his Jailed Daughter

It’s worrisome when a starlet’s life becomes more dramatic than the roles in which she’s cast. Even more worrisome: When the comparison doesn’t work in Lindsay Lohan’s case because she’s forever getting kicked off of the shows she’s cast in . Never fear-Michael Lohan, LiLo’s estranged father, is reaching out to his troubled daughter now that she’s behind bars, in the best manner possible for rekindling familial relations, via public song. TMZ reports today that Michael Lohan penned a song for Lindsay with lyrics like “A father’s love will never die” (especially true when said father is a famewhore and the POTUS just dropped a line about Lindsay on The View ). The song has just been released, and you can listen to it on the site (think “Foreigner” with more synthesizers and more terribleness), but find a friend to hold your hair back first. I would say that Michael Lohan is pretty much on par with Betty “Go Upstairs!” Draper for the worst parent in the world, only in Lohan’s case, you just can’t even write this stuff.