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Judd Apatow To Take On Another Child-Man: Pee-Wee Herman

Variety recently announced that Judd Apatow will develop the next Pee-Wee Herman film, which officially cements his status as king-god of the child-man film genre. Is there a more iconic example of a child-man than Pee-Wee Herman? He doesn’t have a job, his relationship with his girlfriend Dottie is practically platonic, and the only thing he loves more than pranking his neighbor Francis Buxton is his souped-up bicycle. Alas, these are the characteristics that make Pee-Wee great, but I can’t help but wonder if Apatovian genre principles will be applied to this new pic. Will poor Pee-Wee be forced to sell all of his toys in order to show Dottie he’s ready for commitment, like Steve Carell’s character did in The 40-Year-Old Virgin ? Will he go on one final road trip with trucker-ghost Large Marge before he settles down to raise kids? I can imagine a huge biker-bar blowout before Pee-Wee realizes he’s gonna ditch boring Dottie for Simone, the cultured waitress with a heart of gold. All of it will be thrilling and breathless but ultimately reinforce the safe, nuclear bosom of family and responsibility. How will Pee-Wee find what he’s looking for? I’ve been told you can find it in the basement of the Alamo. (A favorite Pee-Wee clip is embedded below).