The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 3, 2010

- Too sexy to be a banker ? Former Citibank employee Debralee Lorenzana claims she was fired for being too hot . [ Village Voice , Jezebel ]

-The sex trafficking industry is expected to be an issue at the 2010 World Cup. Though prostitution is apparently a common feature of World Cup festivities, South Africa’s high HIV rate makes the matter even more troubling. [ The Daily Beast ]

-New York’s State Senate passed a bill this week aimed at protecting a much-overlooked contingent of the metropolitan workforce: nannies. The new legislation would secure basic workplace privileges (such as sick days and overtime wages) for domestic employees. [ New York Times ]

-Last week, DoubleX editor Hanna Rosin took issue with the not-so-subtle Orientalism of Sex and the City 2 . Muslimah Media Watch discusses the film’s problematic portrayal of Islamic culture . [ Muslimah Media Watch via Feministe ]

-An old photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan raises [the] issue of sexual orientation in softball “. Should the sport’s “gay reputation” be celebrated or dismissed as a stereotype ? [ LA Times , Jezebel ]

Photograph of 2006 World cup by Arne Müseler/Flickr Creative Commons.