The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 23, 2010

-Nevada Senate GOP candidate Sharron Angle attributes unemployment in the state to a “spoiled” population . [ Salon ]

-A California man is charged with using his computer for sex extortion . With malware disguised as song files, he hacked more than 100 computers belonging to women and girls, then scoured them for sexy material. [ NPR ]

-While waiting for the pill to become available over-the-counter, women might benefit from giving IUDs a second look . [ Salon ]

-Lesbian soccer players in South Africa, booted from their home teams because of their sexual orientation, form a league of empowerment . [ Jezebel ]

-Some girls love bad boys-some love really bad boys. “Serial killer groupies” flock to men charged with murder . [ Salon ]

Photograph of Sharron Angle by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.