The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 21, 2010

-Iranian clerics are speaking out against the country’s “badly-veiled women,” condemning those whose hair escapes their hijabs. One cleric compared women with improperly covered heads to “hardened criminals.” [ L.A. Times ]

-Lawyer Gloria Allred crusades against injustice with a list of clients straight out of the tabloids. [ New York Times ]

-As breastfeeding becomes more popular, online milk banks provide for women who can’t nurse their babies. [ Salon ]

-Researchers warn that smoking may soon be the leading cause of death among French women, but some fumeuses fear weight gain more than dying . [ The Daily Beast ]

-Retailers aim to expand profits by expanding waistlines on their clothing, supplying a growing market for plus-size clothing. [ New York Times ]

Photograph of Iranian girl by Behrouz Mehri/Getty Images.