The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 18, 2010

-Efforts are being made to end the practice of female genital mutilation in Iraq, but in the north, the deeply-rooted tradition is still wounding women . [ The Daily Beast ]

- Sarah Palin is adding to her sleuth of Mama Grizzlies , endorsing three more female GOP candidates. [ Politico ]

-A federal advisory committee has recommended approval of ella , a new contraceptive that remains effective two days longer than the pill. [ New York Times ]

-Turkish soap operas push the evolution of cultural values in the Middle East. [ New York Times ]

-A fed-up pageant director on an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras took off before awarding cash prizes to the miniature beauty queens , telling an interviewer that pageant moms “drive [her] [expletive] crazy.” [ Jezebel ]