The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 17, 2010

-Is it the end of the best friend ? Parents and teachers worry that the designation of “BFF” breeds social exclusivity and clique mentality among kids. [ New York Times ]

-Not long after news broke of Meg Whitman ’s settlement for shoving a co-worker, an old police report surfaced with details of how the ex-eBay CEO’s son broke a young woman’s ankle in 2006 . [ Salon ]

-Breaking under the stress of farm labor and domestic strife, many women in rural China turn to a potent pesticide as a means of committing suicide . The country’s rate of female self-poisoning may become less frequent, however, if these women can find better support resources or work opportunities in the city. [ Daily Beast ]

-Dispatches from the BP spill cleanup: ” They’ve brought in prostitutes .” [ Mother Jones ]

Photograph of girls by Anthony Lee/Ojo Images.