The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 16, 2010

- DoubleX contributor Liza Mundy co-writes the story of a woman who took a pregnant stranger hostage for three days in order to steal her baby. [ Washington Post ]

-Conservative women’s groups are pouring record-high funds into the campaigns of female GOP candidates. [ Politico ]

-Foreign advertisers recognize the existence of female soccer fans. [ Jezebel ]

-Getting hot and heavy is riskier when you’re heavy, shows a new study tracking the effects of obesity on sexual health. [ L.A. Times ]

-First Madonna appeared in a cone bra, now Lady Gaga and Katy Perry dance in lethal lingerie. Edgy underwear allows pop stars to flaunt their sexuality with a touch of irony . [ The Daily Beast ]

Photograph of pregnant woman by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images.