The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: June 15, 2010

- During Republican Meg Whitman ’s time as the CEO of eBay, the now-gubernatorial candidate in California reportedly shoved an employee in a minor altercation . The aggrieved employee threatened legal action and received a confidential six-figure settlement. [ Huffington Post ]

-Yesterday, DoubleX writer Lauren Bans speculated on whether Abby Sunderland ’s attempted trip around the world was the next Balloon Boy publicity stunt. The teen sailor’s father now says he has cut ties with the TV reality show producer previously contracted to film Abby’s voyage around the globe. [ L.A. Times ]

-The girls in America’s underage sex trade struggle against the underregulated, overglamorized culture of pimping . [ Daily Beast ]

-In response to the sinking of a South Korean ship, Lee Myung-bak ‘s government in Seoul is threatening to resume propaganda broadcasts into North Korea by setting up loudspeakers along the demilitarized zone and playing songs by girl pop groups . [ Foreign Policy via New York Times ]

Photograph of Meg Whitman by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.