The XX Factor

Crazed Sex-Poodle Confusion

Now that I’ve read the police statement given by the masseuse who accuses Al Gore of coming on to her, I can clear up at least one thing. It was not Gore who used the words “crazed sex poodle.” She said that to him to try to calm him down because he was scaring her. Otherwise, this very long and detailed statement paints a picture of Al Gore that is so disturbing and so completely at odds with everything we know about him that it’s hard to know what to think. According to this Portland masseuse, Gore tried everything to get her to get him off. He tried guiding her hand, he tried yelling, he tried threatening, he tried gentle euphemisms (“do some abductor work,” “release my second chakra”). He tried playing some Pink and Melissa Etheridge for her and showing her the condoms that the hotel placed specially in his VIP “treat basket.” Then he tried threats some more, both verbal and physical, so forcefully that she was sure he was going to rape her.

Just for contrast, the massuese ends her statement by saying that lots of clients come onto her. She gives the example of a filthy rich, pampered old man who asked her 17 times during a massage to have sex with him. But she kept saying no, so he just joked, “You’re a good girl,” and left it at that. Gore, by her statement, never took the hint. It’s only her statement, I realize, but jeez, who is this guy?