The XX Factor

Al Gore and Laurie David? Discuss.

The recent news that Al and Tipper Gore are divorcing might have been a major shock, but if the rumors are true-the Star is reporting that Al had an affair with fellow private-jet enthusiast and environmentalist Laurie David, a story that David is denying -the reason behind the divorce certainly isn’t. Can someone point to a doomed political marriage in which infidelity wasn’t the cause? (Does this mean Tipper gets the Montecito mansion ?)

There are a million jokes to be tossed around at this point, most of them involving the phrase inconvenient truth or questioning Al’s ability to curb his enthusiasm . But what I want to know: Is anyone yet working on a remake of the First Wives Club ? Given all the recent political sex scandals, we have enough for a new cast. Instead of Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler, it could star Tipper, Elizabeth Edwards, Jenny Sanford, and Diane Souder. Think of the possibilities! A cameo by Bill Clinton lecturing his fellow men on where they went wrong, for example. Whoever is cast to play the new lady loves, I bet it’s safe to say that Laurie David would not be the producer, and Rielle Hunter would not be the cinematographer.