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17-Year-Old Girl Gets Punched by a Seattle Police Officer

Add “getting nailed in the face” to the list of consequences for the very serious pedestrian crime of jaywalking. A few days ago, a group of teen girls were caught crossing a busy Seattle intersection illegally. An officer who was already in the midst of ticketing another man for the same offense asked them to come over to the squad car, presumably to be ticketed. A verbal fight ensued, and as you can see in the video , the officer tries to arrest one of the girls and actually punches the other teen in the face when she tries to come between him and her friend.

Sure, the teens didn’t handle the jaywalking charge with grace and humility (as teens aren’t particularly wont to do), but watching the punch on video is absolutely cringe-inducing. Really, if you can’t handle two teen girls talking back at you without resorting to hitting one in the face, uh, maybe you shouldn’t BE A POLICE OFFICER. Of course the Seattle police are now investigating the situation, which they’re calling ” an assault of an officer .” No surprises there.

Video still courtesy of KIRO.