The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: May 7, 2010

-The accused Times Square bomber’s American-born wife has an profile, and it reveals a woman who embraces both American and Pakistani culture. [ The Daily Beast ]

-The American Academy of Pediatrics is taking a different approach to the fight against female genital mutilation on U.S. soil: Let doctors administer a tiny “nick.” The Academy argues that this “pin prick” would keep immigrant parents from shipping their daughters off to have the entire clitoral hood removed abroad. [ Salon ]

-Are smart phones detrimental to your sex life ? Yes, finds a study conducted by Bayer, which is developing a drug to treat female sexual function. But is it just men who are giving their iPhones all their affection? [ Jezebel ]

-Although they are more tolerant of extramarital sex than they were a decade ago, people over 65 are are having sex less frequently and finding it less satisfying, a new AARP study finds. Is it the financial stress? (Maybe Bayer can help.) [ Washington Post ]

-It can be frustrating, convoluted, and involve a lot of expensive song and dance, gay adoption . Anyone else feel a MUSICAL coming on? [ New York Times ]

-That pricey E.R.B. intelligence test your kids’ pricey private school made them take to win a place in its hallowed halls? Some schools are dropping it, alleging that the pretest prep for which many parents also shell out big bucks skews results and limits the test’s usefulness. [ New York Times ]

Photograph by Win McNamee/Getty Images.