The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: May 3, 2010

-Is technology changing the shape of kids’ friendships ? Social-networking sites and instant messaging are creating a new social atmosphere. [ NY Times ]

-California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina supports Arizona’s new immigration law, though she disagrees with the ” racist tone ” that has taken shape in the national immigration debate. [ Politico ]

-The pope announced his decision to overhaul the Legion of Christ after recent allegations that the order aided in the cover-up of sexual abuse cases. [ The Daily Beast ]

-Latisse, the topical medication that boasts longer and fuller eyelashes, may have some unexpected side effects . Some users of the drug are experiencing eyelid discoloration, and some women with hazel or baby-blue peepers may end up with permanently brown eyes. [ NY Times ]

-A jury acquits an alleged rapist after determining that the victim’s skinny jeans were so tight she must have helped the defendant remove them. [ NY Daily News ]