The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: May 19, 2010

- Sarah Palin should stop invoking our “feminist foremothers ” for the pro-life cause. Susan B. Anthony , for one, didn’t concern herself with the politics of abortion. [ Washington Post ]

- Maureen Dowd muses on the female transition from single lady to unmarried spinsterdom . A bad haircut or overactive glands, she argues, speeds up the process. [ New York Times ]

-As many as a quarter of fathers experience post-partum depression , but extending paternity leave may help alleviate the problem. [ Salon ]

-Athletes, models, and the recently deceased are dominating the magazine covers , where movie stars once reigned. [ The Daily Beast ]

-The soda industry struggles to defeat a soda tax , as cities and counties increasingly see it as an opportunity to boost their revenue and tackle the obesity crisis. [ New York Times ]