The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: May 14, 2010

-Bad news for neglectful parents. A study finds that low-quality childcare early in life can impact learning and behavior through adolescence. [ Washington Post ]

-According to a recent Wall Street Journal /NBC poll, voters prefer Tea Parties to established political parties. [ Salon ]

-Worst job interview ever. The White House reportedly asked Elena Kagan if she was gay before nominating her for the position of Solicitor General. Despite the controversy surrounding Kagan’s policy toward military recruitment at Harvard Law, moderate Maine Republican Susan Collins says a filibuster is unlikely. [ Washington Post , Politico ]

-A billionaire’s ex-wife teaches women how to blog tastefully about their messy divorces. [ Gawker ]

-Is it illegal to talk women into committing suicide? This chilling court case may give us the answer. [ New York Times ]