The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: May 11, 2010

- David Brooks dubs Elena Kagan a full-grown “Organization Kid ,” uninterested in “the contest of ideas.” Others claim that her elite academic background has left Kagan disconnected from the “real world .” Still others try to sniff out her positions on abortion and gay marriage . [ New York Times , Politico , Washington Post , AP/Yahoo News , Salon ]

-A German study provides evidence that the pill and other kinds of hormonal contraception increase young women’s risk for sexual dysfunction . Injections and birth control patches were most linked to issues like difficulty reaching orgasm and pain during sex. [ New York Times ]

-Why are women especially pressured to find supreme contentment in an often unsatisfying world? Rebecca Traister argues that there’s more to life than the pursuit of happiness . [ Salon ]

-Is the capacity for monogamy really biological? Recent studies that a “commitment gene ” may be partially involved. No word on whether the new drugstore genetic testing kits will detect that one. [ New York Times , Washington Post ]

-On behalf of younger voters, Meghan McCain calls for more civility in politics . [ The Daily Beast ]