The XX Factor

Sandra Is the new Jen

Since Sandra Bullock’s tragic cuckquean tale emerged about a month ago, there have been exactly ZERO tabloid stories concerning the sadsack life of America’s usual favorite depressed and desperate woman, Jennifer Aniston. In fact the, only news involving Aniston is good news: She’s set to film two comedies this summer . The first is an Apatow vehicle co-starring Paul Rudd, and the other is titled Horrible Bosses , a dark comedy about a team of friends who conspire to murder their tyrannical work overlords. I would hail these news bits, which are getting a lot of play on the blogosphere, as signs of a Jen comeback, but the truth is that Jennifer Aniston has been making movies nonstop. It’s just now that there’s a sadder woman in Hollywood, the print-powers-that-be can write about Aniston’s upcoming projects without ruminating on her current state of happiness as well. Apparently the tabloids only require one miserable woman representative at a time.

Photograph of Sandra Bullock by John Shearer/Getty Images.