The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: April 30, 2010

-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drops an abortion “grenade ” in Canada’s lap and reveals herself to be a fearless crusader in the abortion wars. [ Washington Post ]

-After 27 years, downtown Seattle’s Lusty Lady , the kibbutz of strip clubs, will finally close its doors. [ LA Times ]

-Many high school seniors who cannot afford to attend their top-choice school have written emotional letters of appeal to financial aid offices across the country. [ New York Times ]

- Sarah Palin announces her support for “hockey dad” Todd Emmer as the next Republican governor of Alaska. [ Politico ]

-On Oprah yesterday, John Edwards ’ one-time mistress Rielle Hunter showcased her uncanny aptitude for making absurd claims in a disturbingly calm tone of voice. [ New York Times ]

-Meet Stephanie Grace , the Harvard Law student who inexplicably decided to publicize her views on the genetic inferiority of black people. [ Feministe ]