The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: April 29, 2010

-Guardians of “Twetiquette” spend their free time policing Twitter for improper grammar and other nettlesome errors. [ New York Times ]

-A new study reveals that lower wages and a lack of job opportunities have conspired to extend the path to “adulthood” for many young Americans. [ Science Daily ]

-In her new memoir, former first lady Laura Bush divulges details about painful events from her teenage years and her husband’s presidency. [ Washington Post ]

- President Obama will nominate Janet Yellen to be vice chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, the second-highest ranking Fed position. [ CBS News ]

-In many offices on Capitol Hill, there are no formal policies for maternity or paternity leave, forcing staffers to beg for time off to bond with their new babies. [ Politico ]

-Much to their mothers’ dismay, an increasing number of girls under the age of 12 have ditched flavored lip gloss in favor of more adult makeup. [ New York Times ]