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We’re Talking About: April 22, 2010

-In a speech last week, Sarah Palin declared that America is a Christian nation, and that church and state should not be seperated. A National Day of Prayer is not unconstitutional, she argued, but patriotic. [ The Washington Post ]

-Because we are creatures evolved for face-to-face interaction, the anonymous world of the Web has led to gratuitous and uncensored cruelty . [ New York Times ]

- Kelsey Grammer currently stars as a gay man in the critically acclaimed Broadway revival of La Cage aux Folles , an edgy show by three gay artists. Grammer’s also filmed promos for the conservative Web site RightNetwork , which features photos of many anti-gay rights crusaders. “Grown-man tickle fights?” Grammer says in the promo. “That’s definitely not right.”[ Variety ]

-For the second time in under a year, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault. The NFL suspended him for six games and a local sponsor dropped him, but Nike is keeping him on their promo roster , along with Tiger Woods. [ Opinionator ]

- Food Network star Sandra Lee may end up in New York’s governor’s mansion if live-in boyfriend Attorney General Andrew Cuomo follows in his father’s footsteps this November. [ The Daily Beast ]