The XX Factor

We’re Talking About: April 15, 2010

-A planned visit by Sarah Palin has prompted an investigation into California State University’s finances by the California Attorney General. Students found a discarded contract for Palin’s visit, which included demands for a private jet (or first-class tickets) and bendy straws . [ Salon ]

-In related news, Sarah Palin has earned $12 million in the nine months since she left office . The Week gives a by-the-numbers rundown of where some of that cash came from, along with a comparison with the earning power of other politicians. [ The Week ]

-British researchers have found that babies with three biological parents may be more resistant to genetic diseases. The scientists successfully created an embryo with eggs from two women and a man’s sperm, in the hopes that such a procedure can be used to prevent children from being born with mitochondrial disorders. [ Times Online ]

-Do more romantic options make us less happy ? Insights from psychology and economics help explain why, given a wide dating pool, we strive to achieve the best results but end up being unhappy along the way. [ Salon ]