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The NYT’s Strangely Retro Demi Moore Profile

Did anyone else notice the strangely retro Demi Moore profile in yesterday’s New York Times ? If you missed it, here’s the lede: “The biceps are smaller. The tabloid tales of excessive salary demands, followed by those of rural seclusion, have been replaced with a running commentary about her tweets.” The article, written by Jennifer Steinhauer, goes on to say that “Mrs. Ashton Kutcher” is Demi’s “biggest role of the last few years.” (What about her lead role in the very good heist movie Flawless ?) Then Steinhauer claims that celeb-watchers either love Demi because she posed naked and pregnant for Vanity Fair , fought for high salaries, gave up the fame game for a while to move to Idaho, and had a civilized divorced-or they hate her because they’re jealous that she’s remained “uncommonly gorgeous in a city where many women sport a face that seems in several decades at once, thanks to modern science.”

So let’s get this straight: Women either love Demi Moore or hate her just because they’re jealous; her biceps are smaller, but, boy, does she relish her new role as Mrs. Ashton Kutcher! Thank God she’s not making those crazy, unpleasant salary demands anymore and has realized that “human connection” is what’s really important! I am a fan of Moore and her work, but I am not a fan of this profile that frames her previous successes-and failures-as ‘90s excesses.

Photograph of Demi Moore by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images.