The XX Factor

Tabloids Rush To Grab First Images of Sad Woman Looking Sad

For the bargain price of $60,000 dollars, Entertainment Tonight beat out other tabloids for the world-exclusive pictures of sad, heartbroken Sandra Bullock looking … sad, I guess. Now concerned viewers everywhere can rest assured that America’s sweetheart is the wet-eyed, unmade-up mess that she’s supposed to be. What makes her so sad? Well, ET provides helpful arrows in their premiere video of the cheated-on actress. Please take a look at her coffee-cup-holding hand. Her wedding ring, GONE! Oh, and that dead-on unsmiling stare she gives the camera-it’s simply heartbreaking! No, you don’t see it? Well, here, contrast that look against these stock images of Ms. Bullock at various award shows smiling radiantly. What a huge difference! How far she has fallen! Ripped jeans, baseball cap, oh my God … has she lost weight, maybe?